In 2004...

Dr. Jay Logeman and Lynda Mackey lead a group of 23 to Belize on the first ever service group endeavor with sponsorship of Horizon Community Church and Doug Slagle, Associate Pastor at the church.

The first team included a plastic surgeon and small surgery team to support him, a dermatologist and general medical evaluations team, a lone dental surgeon with no team, and a construction team. The connection with Howard Storm Ministries was significant in this first year, to bring the team to the northern village of San Pedro near the town of Corozal.


The team stayed at Corozal Bay in just south of Corozal City near the most northern border of Belize. The plastic surgery team worked in Orange Walk Towne, one hour south of the border, but the government hospital only supplied one patient, a nurse who worked there. The teams worked in partnership with a northern Kentucky doctor, Dr. Mary Anne Barnes. Dr. Barnes had been taking resident students to Belize to do remote village clinics and tabulate health issues in the population for report to the Belize Health Ministry. The team shadowed and learned from Dr. Barnes' methods in 2004 and provided similar services in 2005.

2005 - 2009

Dr. Jay Logeman and Lynda Mackey, with the support of John Kirby, Connections Pastor of Horizon Community Church returned yearly. This was at the invitation and under the registration and direction of the Belize Health Ministry. The teams built a home and added mosquito netting to homes as well as providing medical health evaluations in rural villages, four villages each year.

In 2007, the Government of Belize invited Dr. Devinder Mangat and Dr. Rick Devore to perform plastic surgery including cleft lips/palates and ENT surgery. The team grew to thirty five participants with surgery added to the construction and village teams. In previous years, teams averaged 23 participants for a week.

In 2008, the team grew to 70 participants with Dr. Mangat and Devore adding a full size surgical team. The surgery was performed in Orange Walk Hospital, but the teams stayed in Corozal. 

In 2009, the team returned for a surgical mission, but Dr. Mangat invited a new ENT surgeon. The team served four villages and built and home and performed construction in addition to surgery. Over sixty persons served for a week.